All of my programs feature:

A personal and customized experience

Patient and careful attention to your goals

The structure so that you can have fun playing!

Lessons come in a variety of formats including:

Private Lessons

Webcam Lessons

and more...

Where is your playing at right now?

...Are you a:


Beginner - trying to get chords and chord changes down, play some easy songs, and get better?

A little more than a beginner - you have some basic skills (maybe you can strum and know your basic chords) but want to sound better, spice things up a little.

Intermediate- You have all your fundamentals in place, already have your own repertoire built up, and have some confidence to boot. Now how do you really make some music with all you know?

Advanced - You are looking for specific help, you want help to keep taking your playing to higher levels, and really develop your ability to be creative with the things you know.


No matter what level you're at, I offer guitar programs to help you get where you want to be. Here are some of my learning programs:

Get good at guitar in the fastest and most fun way possible 

Be able to play guitar around the bonfire or at parties   

Learn your favorite songs

Get out of being stuck in "beginner mode"

Get more confident in your playing

Become a more polished and better-sounding player


Get out of your playing and practice ruts

 Become a confident and skilled guitar player

 Develop the creativity and technique to grab people’s attention!



A Little About Me and the Studio


I have been teaching guitar for over 7 years (playing for over 20 years ) and I love what I do! The studio you'll take lessons in is equipped to handle everything that I do in my teaching and coaching. It is fully equipped to record  high quality tracks, including tracks of my students songs and recordings of their progress.

I teach the following styles:

I am also the guitar instructor for Kalamazoo Public Schools Adult Guitar program. This is a great program for beginner guitar students that I’ve taught for the last 4 years.


How Learning Guitar With Me Will Benefit You:

Gain Confidence

Get step by step guidance for improving every aspect of your guitar playing, so that you feel more confident, more prepared, and more in control.


Find the Power to Perform

Have you always wanted to have a skill - a real talent - that you could use to bring happiness to other people? Most people only dream of being able to showcase a musical skill in front of friends and family. But with my programs, you'll experience the confidence, ability, and strength to bring your talents to the people around you!

Save Money

Who you choose to learn guitar with is can be a sizeable investment of your time and money…

I help people to avoid wasting their hard-earned money on lessons, products, and programs that don't give you any return on your investment. Most products neglect to really help people develop a love for music and guitar. They fail to help people establish a foundation of confidence. As a result, many students quit lessons with little or nothing to show for their money and time. My lessons do the opposite. There is a strong focus on giving you the foundation you need to enjoy guitar for the rest of your life - a return that far exceeds the investment!

Grow Beyond What You Ever Thought You Could

If you're doubtful of your "natural talent", if you're fearful of whether or not you can learn something new….you shouldn't be. Now you will have the tools and the guidance to take your guitar playing to places you might have thought were not possible for you.

Be the Star

With personalized help and the environment to have fun learning and growing, you'll be ready to let your abilities shine! Write your own songs, rock the party, or start a band - now you can do all these things with confidence!

What You Get in My Programs:

Objectives and/or review - a PDF or written review of each lesson and practice objectives



 Audio jam tracks to practice to



Videos of practice techniques and lesson topics to refer to




Email support in between lessons  for anything you have questions on with the lessons or practice.



What People Have to Say

    "A gifted musician, Jared is an excellent teacher!  His lessons are fun, practical, and easy to follow.  Young, old, beginner or advanced, I would highly recommend Jared to any aspiring musician who wants to start or expand their skills at the guitar." - Jake, Kalamazoo


“Steven started lessons with Jared when he was 5 years old. We've been very impressed with his creativity and patience in working with our highly active and easily distracted kiddo. It's been a pleasure to work with him!”
- Caroline & Steven, parents of Steven III, Kalamazoo


"Its (the lessons) helped me with the other things I do...whether it's playing for my church or trying to learn new songs. It's helped my technique, it's helped my dexterity, and it's helped my confidence in my playing. I think it's been really beneficial because it's helped me to understand what I'm doing." - Jeff, Kalamazoo

Need Help to Choose a Guitar?

If you are just getting started and aren’t sure what guitar to get, I can help you to make a good decision that’s within your budget.


Love it and You Won't Leave It

If you are just beginning guitar, or wondering whether or not you can really have success at it…this is my approach to guitar: Learn to have confidence and build a love for the guitar (and music), and your playing will get better “naturally”.

We will work on things together that will help you to build this confidence and love. The result will be you will have a hobby that you will stick with long after you've learned with me.

I will help you find your own talent on guitar and grow into a skilled musician - no matter what level you hope to be able to play.

What's Holding You Back?

Maybe you have put off taking lessons and learning to play guitar because of thinking you wouldn't get didn't have enough natural talent.

Or maybe you just have been busy with everything else and haven't been able to find the time.

If you were like me, maybe you were also worried you couldn't reach your dream of being able to play well.

But instead of just thinking about what whats been in the way so far, think for a second about what you'd like to be able to do:

  • Would you like to pick up a rewarding and fun hobby?
  • Would you like to overcome the challenges you face on guitar and become a great sounding player?
  • Would you like to have a talent to show to your family and friends?

If you picture yourself playing guitar but haven't brought that dream to reality, there's not a better time than right now to change that.

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How much experience do I need to have to begin taking lessons?

Absolutely none. We'll start right from scratch if you need to, and get you to whatever level of playing you'd like to reach. I'll even help you to pick a guitar if you have not purchased one yet.

I'm limited on time to practice. Should I wait until I have more time to practice to begin lessons?

These days, most people are very busy with important commitments in their life like work, school, family, and social things. Learning guitar does take some time commitment. But you don't start out practicing 8 hours a day. You can accomplish a whole lot practicing a fairly minimal amount of time - if you do it right. Most people don't even really know what real practice is about. If they did they would know how to do a LOT with whatever amount of time they had. I'll show you how to do exactly that.

I really want to play but I don't think I can. Maybe I'm tone deaf.. I can't seem to get anything on thing I play on guitar to sound good...are lessons for me?

Very few people are actually tone deaf. Also, very few people ( nobody) can succeed at playing a complex instrument well on their first few tries. If you have struggled for some time to get the sounds you have in your head or that are on your favorite songs, you can get the help you want in the lessons. I can guarantee that there are many things you are overlooking or misunderstanding that can be resolved quickly in our lessons together, allowing you to get on the right path with your playing.

Taking lessons seems like a big commitment. Will it be any fun?

YES! You will enjoy playing guitar more than you can imagine. Think about this:

  • How fun is it to not know how to play any songs, any riffs, anything cool on guitar?
  • How fun is it to feel stuck because you can't make your fingers move the way you want and everything is uncomfortable and falls apart?

Not very fun. Why? Because you're not playing the music you love the way that you want to - with freedom, ease, and purpose.

Now, imagine being able to comfortably and easily move your fingers around the guitar neck, playing the chords to your favorite song. Imagine being able to nail your strumming and rhythm perfectly while you jam with another musician. Imagine having the skills to feel immediately confident and comfortable when someone asks you to play a song. Imagine not struggling...but getting lost in the music.

You'll experience these feelings in and out of our lessons together. I'll help you to understand the things you need to do to have fun on guitar, no matter what style you want to play.

How do I Get Started?

Start by simply telling me a little about your playing. I'll use the information to set up a FREE consultation wherein we can figure out how to best meet your the button below to claim your free lesson.